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General Information

Visiting Professors, Research scholars, Friends of ADA University and ADAU Executive Education Students, Employees of Ministry of Foreign Affairs may be granted access to the ADA University Library for a stipulated period after submission of a application form. Following approval by the ADAU Library, guest user is granted temporary access to the Library and its on-site resources. This access includes on-site use of all ADA University physical and electronic collections, however physical information resources cannot be checked out and some specific electronic/digital libraries would be unavailable because of intellectual property issues. Guest users may have access to the Library upon consultation with the Director of Library and Information Services. Preference is given to Master and PhD students who are conducting research on specific topics. 

Due to growing number of ADAU students, faculty and staff, as well as the lack of study space, the ADAU Library and Information Services has compiled some policies and regulations for the registration of outside visitors. 

Main Policy and Procedures:

ü  Interested individuals can apply only once a year and may renew their memberships twice a year for 3 months period each time.

ü  The memberships are active during the current academic year (Start date: 15th of September - End date: 15th of July).

ü  The membership registrations and renewals, as well as library services will be unavailable between  15th of July – 15th of September each year.

ü  Only first ten applied forms are acceptable for each month. The ecxeptions and urgent requests for registration may be made in those cases:

§  In case of cancelled applications users may apply for the vacant place;

§  In case of research, study and business deadlines;

§  Healthcare, treatment and related cases.

ü  Filled out online application forms must be submitted during the first seven days of each month.

Note 1: ADAU Library Guest User request forms are active only during the first seven days of each month.

Note 2: Applications submitted after the deadline will not be accepted;

ü  Selection will be processed according to the criteria indicated below:

§  Academic status;

§  Appropriateness with the library collections and profile;

§  Research topic.

Note: ADAU Library does not render study space services

ü  Confirmation emails will be sent to applicants during 3 work days after the submission deadline. The dates and time of the interviews will be informed through the email correspondence.

ü  For online request, the users are required to fill out the forms below (PDF/Word) and send their signed scanned versions attached with the electronic copy of their national ID cards/passports to e-mail address.

ü    For interview, please bring the filled out and printed version of the application form (ADAU Library Guest User              Request Form) and ID Card/Passport.

                ADAU Library Guest User Submission Document

                ADAU Library Guest User Submission Document

        GU-Policy and Procedures.pdf

        Code of Conduct .pdfCode of Conduct .pdf


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